Things to do in Ljubljana – part 2

    As written in part 1, travel guides don’t offer enough information and they can’t be as much up-to-date as the tips you can get from a local.

    So here is part 2, but my recommendation of just speaking up to a local on the street still firmly stands for even a better one. So go and speak up!


    Festivals in Ljubljana

    There are plenty of them in Ljubljana all year long. Film, dancing, music, theatre, art, and many others. Almost every festival has a stage in the main square – Prešeren Square, so you can enjoy free open-air concerts. They don’t put all updates about festivals in travel guides, so seek information about festivals going on during your visit to the tourist office or by asking a local.

    Theatre Festival in Ljubljana
    Photo: B. Kladnik, Source:

    Slovenians Love Dancing

    Either you are a fan of salsa, tango, swing, capoeira, or other types of dance. You can find dancing nights of any kind many times a week. And of course, these ones also develop into a party – but more of a dancing kind.

    Swing dancing
    Photo: Mariah JK Dolenc


    A Cinema and a Library Under the Stars

    If you are visiting in summer, be sure to check the schedule for Cinema under the stars, which is held every day for one month in Ljubljana’s Castle. The entrance fee is really low, considering that besides the film you also get to enjoy the night view over Ljubljana and a very romantic setting. In the day time, you can pay a visit to one of the Library under the Treetops and enjoy a good book.


    Ljubljana’s Riverbanks during Happy December

    If you visit Ljubljana in December, be sure to hang out on the river banks of Ljubljanica just as the locals do. Order yourself a glass of sweet mulled wine, while standing in the crowd enjoying the Christmas atmosphere, and taste the typical Slovenian homemade sausage called Kranjska klobasa or other delicacies.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a workday – Slovenians will meet up with friends just because it’s Happy December time. It simply is the thing to do in December. At that time you can actually smell the happiness – it’s similar to the sweet smell of mulled wine, but so much more than that.

    New Year in Ljubljana
    Photo: D. Wedam, Source:

    I hope this gives you more ideas of what to do in Ljubljana. It is really worth visiting in wintertime too. I am getting excited about being surrounded by all the lights, decorations, and sweet wine already, just by writing about it! 

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