Library Under the Treetops in Ljubljana

open air library ljubljana
Photo: D. Wedam

You know the time when you sit down, put aside your busy schedule, grab a book, breathe in a fair amount of fresh air and relax.

Summer is here. And then there’s books.

I love books and how easily they can fire up your curiosity and how more and more hungry you get with every page you read.

When time runs according to your own inner clock and you don’t need to run anywhere. Old trees offering you a pleasant shade and a slight breeze freshening up the summer heat. I love it!

Open air library
Photo: D. Wedam

Walking in the city center one can’t overlook small colorful armchairs, wooden shelves filled with books, and sometimes a guitar player sitting under the trees and playing along. There are open-air libraries all over Ljubljana every summer.

If you did run into one of the Libraries under the Treetops in Ljubljana, you might have also enjoyed one of the many public readings of prose and poetry.

This 100% natural and tourist-friendly library invites you to stop and indulge yourself in free outdoor reading. A handy collection of books, newspapers, and magazines of various styles and languages full of stories about Ljubljana, Slovenia, and other dreamlands is waiting for you!”

Open air library
Photo: D. Wedam

Sad to say the summer is coming to an end and so did these cute Libraries under the Treetops, just yesterday.

Ah, they will be missed! So long and see you next summer.

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9 thoughts on “Library Under the Treetops in Ljubljana”

  1. My ex prof used to tell us “Give me 25 celcius degrees, two trees, and hammok and I will be forever happy”. After some years of meditation I dare to make a correction “Give me 25 celcius degrees, two trees, and hammok, one thousand books and I will be forever happy”

  2. Exactly, life would be boring without books! ๐Ÿ™‚ Because I am also interested in yoga and meditation – are you practising only meditation or do you combine it with yoga or something else?

  3. Ah, how I regret not having found one of these…Just one of the many reasons to go back to Ljubljana (and I’m meeting even more reasons as I read your blog, Marusa).

  4. Interestiing. I’ve never seen anything like this…portable library collections outdoors organized by the public library. Except for bookmobiles which serves a different purpose.

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