STRUNJAN – the Most Pristine Part of Slovenian Coast

Seaside of Slovenia – Coastal part of Slovenia

Slovenia is famous for its mountains, but it also has a small coastal area of the Adriatic sea. The region is called Istria – a unique area nestled between the Karst Edge and the Adriatic Sea. This part of Slovenia has a year-long pleasant climate, generous soil and hospitable locals. And probably the best food and wine in the Mediterranean! I explored the most pristine area of Slovenian coast – the famous town of Strunjan.


Strunjan is a coastal town in Slovenia. It is located in the municipality of Piran, situated between Piran and Izola.

It was formed in the valley of the river Roja, along the saltpans and in the nearby hills. The favourable natural conditions of the peninsula of Strunjan made it possible for man to settle here and develop traditional economic activities in harmony with nature.

The oldest evidence of settlement on the peninsula of Strunjan  dates back to the classical age. Nowadays, a part of the area of Strunjan is declared a natural reserve – it has been protected since 1990.

Nature park Strunjan

Strunjan Nature Reserve comprises of a 4 km coastline between Strunjan peninsula – the area from Bay of Simon and Bay of Strunjan. The area includes a 200 metres sea patch.

The flysch coastline of the peninsula of Strunjan has many riches and beauties, both natural and man-made.

On one side of the reserve you can find steep 80 m flysch cliffs with a natural beach. On the other side the terrain descends through sunny hills and cultivated fields towards the south. There you can find the river Roja, the marine lagoon and the saltpans.

The famous Strunjan cliff is the highest flysch cliff of the Adriatic sea.

With clear skies the views from the many lookout points in the park are amazing, as you can see the entire gulf of Trieste and all the way to mount Triglav.

Strunjan Nature Reserve
Strunjan Nature Reserve

Moon Bay Beach

This is probably my favourite beach in Slovenia. Moon Bay of Strunjan is a natural pebbled beach nestled underneath the cliff. It’s an oasis of peace and offers an escape from crowded touristy beaches.

You come here to relax and unwind. The sounds of the waves crashing to the shore and the magical scents of Mediterranean herbs growing wild everywhere make it easy to switch off.

To access this beach you have to climb down the cliff. There is a secure path that makes it easy for everyone to visit.

strunjan cliff
Strunjan cliff & Strunjan Moon Bay

Saltpans of Strunjan

The saltpans of Strunjan are the northernmost and smallest saltpans in the Mediterranean. Here salt is still harvested with traditional methods as it has been for more than 700 years.

The shallow waters of the bay of Strunjan were converted into saltpans by building embankments, channels and shallow pools. The salt is collected only during the summer in the smaller crystallisation pools.

You can visit the saltpans at the The Landscape Park Strunjan Centre and check out their exhibition centre (free). Alternatively you can go on one of the guided tour of the saltpans.

Saltpans of Strunjan
Strunjan Saltpans

The only marine lagoon in Slovenia

Stjuža is the only marine lagoon in Slovenia. Its name originates from the Italian word “chiusa”, meaning “closed”. It was formed by the river of Strunjan.

After the embankment was built more than 400 years ago, the lagoon remained connected to the sea only by the flow channel. There are no currents or larger waves in the lagoon and the water flow depends completely on the low and high tide. As its average depth is approximately 0,5 m, the water cools down and warms up very quickly.

marine lagoon slovenia
Marine lagoon Slovenia – Strunjan

Local Produce & Persimmon Feast

Due to its mild climate, everything grows abundantly in Strunjan. The locals cultivate grapes, produce wine, grow fruit and vegetables. The valley of Strunjan has numerous orchards of persimmon and in November they hold the Persimmon feast. They showcase this sweet and nutritious fruit and its culinary uses. 

Cuisine of Istria

Last but not least, let’s talk about food and wine. Authentic Istrian cuisine is based on the rich and tasty local produce. What are the typical Istrian foods? Think of a lush Mediterranean salad, fresh fish, juicy fruit from the nearby hills. Add fresh herbs and spices, strong wheat and of course, the prestigious local truffles and the silky olive oil. 

The secret to such a exquisite cuisine is using the best salt, the best olive oils, with excellent vegetables and delicious fruit from the Dragonja River. 

If you ever visit this area be sure to explore the taste of Istria. I get hungry just thinking about their foods!

istrian olive trees
Olive trees Istria

Why I Love Spending Time by the Sea

Spending time by the sea is healing – the sea and the sound of the waves, crashing to the shore, calm me in a special way. I can only imagine how beautiful and healthy living by the sea is.

Especially the Mediterranean area with its sunny and warm weather, herbs and pine trees growing everywhere, giving the air its unique scent. The sea air in the Mediterranean is so good for you. Researchers say that the closer a person lives to the sea, the healthier they are.

Strunjan cliff
Strunjan cliff & Strunjan Moon Bay

Why I Love Slovenia?

I love this place because it has so many diverse landscapes with breath-taking views and unspoilt nature. It’s one of the safest and cleanest countries in the world, and is recognised and awarded for its sustainability, green tourism and going zero-waste.

And also – the weather in Slovenia is amazing! A diverse landscape with all four seasons gives you plenty of opportunities to do outdoor sports all year round. Mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, the seaside, caves, natural thermal springs, cycling routes, vineyards, the list goes on.

Have you been to Slovenia? Which part of the coastline did you like most?

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