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Things to do in Ljubljana – part 1

We are all familiar with travel guide books being jam packed with information. But because there is too much information out there it’s hard to decide what the best option is.

Ljubljana does offer many options and it would be a sin not to know about them as they make one’s visit much more enjoyable. It’s always appreciated to get tips on what to do in the city from a local because advice from a local is surely going to guarantee you have a good time. It’s a shortcut to blending into the local culture. When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

So, here are some hidden gems of Ljubljana.

Wander the streets of Ljubljana

Get lost and ask a local for directions and he might invite you for a coffee or beer. It is very likely he will tell you many interesting stories and what’s better than listening to a story of a local?

Walking the streets
Photo: M. G.

Check Out Ljubljana’s Street Art

See how Vandalism can transform into Art – shoes hanging on electricity cables all over the city hold many different stories about the start of their occurrence. You too can contribute and hang a pair of worn-out shoes from your travels up in the sky. Or at least try to catch someone doing it. It is a fun moment trying to throw them on that string!

Hanging shoes in Ljubljana
Photo: M. G


Karaoke in Ljubljana

It is true that we are rather shy people, but karaoke nights prove differently!

I must say I rarely sing – I prefer to listen and enjoy the music and sometimes it happens that I sing along with the others, but when I first found out about karaoke nights in Ljubljana, I was so surprised by the energy this pub has.

Whether it’s Sweet Child of Mine or My heart will go on – people sing their song as it was the last song they will ever sing. If you want to have a chill night out, where you can sing and talk to random people – karaoke nights are the place to be!

karaoke in Ljubljana
Photo: Klemen Skubic

Have a Cup of Coffee in Ljubljana

Indulge in the coffee drinking culture that determines the everyday life of Ljubljana’s citizens, who never miss out on their date with this delicious and much-needed drink. Needless to say, this ritual is more of a get-together-and-talk-with-each-other thing rather than purely a coffee thing.

Coffee drinking culture makes Slovenian cafés very busy and waiters are skillfully running around to make sure everyone gets their daily dose.

Spend your time sitting in a café and give a smile to the waiter, he might throw in a treat in form of a cookie or a croissant.

I love spending time drinking coffee and people-watching, Ljubljana is such an interesting and bustling town.

Ljubljana cafes
Photo: M. G.

Ljubljana’s Alternative Scene

Take a peek into the alternative scene of Ljubljana – walk through artistic Metelkova in the day time and check again later in night time for quality music, theater, or other art performance. Start a conversation with random people.

You might experience that opening your mindset to new horizons and the feeling of acceptance by people you see for the first time. Get to know Ljubljana’s alternative side and enjoy the music!

Metelkova City
Photo: M. G.

Concerts in Ljubljana

There are several small and intimate concerts in pubs and restaurants all over the city; you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Normally there is no entrance fee and these smaller events usually develop into great parties, more of a cozy type. If you are into jazz, ethnic, rock, soul, blues, Latino, Yugo…as in every bigger city you can find it in Ljubljana too.

See Ljubljana from Above

Hop on an elevator that takes you to the highest building called Nebotičnik (Skyscraper) and enjoy the view. Take your eyes to rest and allow the amazing sights of Ljubljana to entertain you. Maybe order some cake too. And make sure to take a picture!

Note to myself: I should be doing these things more often.

Over and out!

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