leaving my 9-5 job
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My name is Marusa and I was born and raised in Slovenia where I grew up surrounded by forests, mountains, and lakes. After finishing University I moved abroad.

I’ve always loved writing. Putting my thoughts down on paper helps me find clarity and sharing ideas with others inspires me to take action.

Throughout my upbringing, I fell into the trap of fulfilling society’s expectations. Ticking the boxes that unfortunately didn’t make me jump with joy. Just like many others out there. I’ve been doing what was expected of me – only to find that my life was slipping away, and I was not living my true purpose.

Although I enjoyed what I was doing, I really couldn’t put up with the office politics and the constant games people were playing. Being indoors all day and surrounded by people who were pretending and wearing masks.

After several years of working a 9-5 office job in the UK, I felt a strong desire to change the direction in my life. I didn’t like where I was heading. I felt exhausted and disconnected. My body was also telling me something is not right as this sedentary lifestyle was far from healthy. I couldn’t imagine spending the next forty years doing this.

I did try to escape – to the beautiful canals, forests, and fields. Nature has become essential for my wellbeing and my sense of belonging.

But I soon realized that my occasional walking trips over the weekends simply aren’t enough. I still spent most of my days inside, typing away on the computer and someone else dictating my day.

It felt like my life didn’t have purpose.

So I’ve decided to try something different.

While living abroad I embarked on a one-year project of practicing gratitude every day. My aim was to re-evaluate and change my mindset. The everyday practice felt amazing as it gave me the courage to find a way back to my true self. It was liberating and became more at peace.

This simple act changed my life and is now leading me onto new adventures. During this year I wrote a gratitude journal that is now available as an ebook.

I’ve always been passionate about nature. In times of hardships, it has been my great solace and a safe harbor. In nature, I can be myself and find my purpose. This love goes back to when I was a child and grew up surrounded by endless forests, meadows, lakes, and mountains. Nature was always in me and around me.

This desire to spend more time outdoors and use my creativity to write has been brewing inside me for some years. I’ve been longing for a different life for quite some time now.

I want to use my passion for nature, the environment, and sustainability, to inspire others to take action. My dream is to show people how they can reconnect with nature and how healing nature can be.

This website follows my journey of going from my student life in picturesque Slovenia, to an ex-pat who has lived in the UK for the past seven years.

To make sure I follow my heart I’ve put my ideas into a mission page.

This is my journey back to nature.

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I’m so happy you are here!