Cycling in Ljubljana

Ljubljana has long been known to be popular for cyclists. There is a good infrastructure throughout the town and almost everyone cycles everywhere. It’s so easy and convenient.

European Week of Mobility is a project which Ljubljana joined years ago in order to encourage the use of bicycles and public transportation. Throughout the week of mobility, there are many activities and exhibitions about the use of more ecological means of transportation and even a free bicycle repair service!

Ljubljana’s city center is closed off for car traffic the whole year and this makes it peaceful, safe, and cozy for inhabitants and tourists. I love it and I am sure most people do too.

cycling in ljubljana
Photo: M. G.

Ljubljana is Perfect for Cycling

A cycling culture significantly changes the image of the city. It adds a very lovable atmosphere to a city. The best thing is that everyone can contribute by simply using a bicycle instead of a car.

Ljubljana is famous for its town center being completely closed for cars. There is no noise or pollution in the town center, it just feels so nice to walk around. Streets are safe for pedestrians and cyclists, and all sorts of street art performers.

Many cities have established a system of bicycle points, so starting a cycling career is now a piece of cake. Ljubljana also has a cycling program called BicikeLj, which works really well and is really cheap.

BicikeLj is a cycle network of rent-a-bikes where you pay for a yearly subscription (or pay as you go). You can then use the designated bikes for 30 minutes for free, or pay a bit extra if you use them for longer. You can also swap them in between so that you never reach 30 minutes with one bike.

It only costs 3€ for the whole year. From what I’ve seen the scheme is very popular with locals and tourists alike.  How awesome is that!

The world of cycling became cool and hip and using a bicycle as a means of transport is the new must-do!

Ljubljana bicycle
Photo: M. G.

Your Bicycle Can Be Your Creation

The vast community of city cyclists is well aware of the beauty of it.

When the wind blows through your hair in the morning when leaves fall down on you and you suddenly realize autumn is coming, when a highly needed dose of fresh air fills your lungs and when a fellow cyclist says Bless you! while waiting for the green traffic light.

Cyclists do incredible things with their bicycles. They color them with crazy colors and draw their favorite motives, put flowers in bicycle baskets, experiment, and personalize them. Sometimes one can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their bicycle.

I am passionate about city cycling because it is fun, healthy, and convenient. It brings much joy when I’m strolling the streets on my bike, watching city life go by. Cycling has so many benefits, there is no excuse not to start.

What are your thoughts on city cycling culture – are you a cyclist?

Photo: M. G.
Cycling in Ljubljana
Photo: M. G.

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2 thoughts on “Cycling in Ljubljana”

  1. I go to Amsterdam regularly and am completely sold on this lifestyle of using bikes as a primary way to get around. There are entire parking garages dedicated to bicycles there. It’s a little magical, this cycling haven, even if it’s very different from most places, bordering fantastically bizarre. ~S

    1. Yes, Amsterdam stands out definitely! There are more bicycles than inhabitants in Holland, true bike lovers. 🙂 And the infrastructure is just perfectly planned out.

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