Why Slovenia is One of the Best Travel Destinations

    While I was peacefully reading the morning news a nice little surprise made it much more exciting. It doesn’t happen very often that a country as geographically small as Slovenia would get worldwide attention.

    Guess which country is the hottest tourist destination in 2013? According to the world’s leading travel guidebook publisher, Lonely Planet, it’s Slovenia.

    In the category of Best Value Destinations, Slovenia is listed among the top 10 destinations, where travelers can really make the most out of their traveling budget.

    This is an important accomplishment for such a young country. In fact, the popularity of Slovenia as a tourist destination is rising, as this year there were 6% more foreign guests than the year before.

    Lonely Planet compares Slovenia with Switzerland. It has the same picture-perfect landscape but is apparently much nicer to a traveler’s wallet. The article praises the country’s frequent public transport connections between the most visited tourist attractions. With its affordable accommodation, it is a perfect destination for those who want extraordinary experiences for reasonable prices.

    Authors recommend sports as the number one activity in Slovenia. And I am not surprised. Slovenian unspoiled nature and diverse landscapes make it an ideal place to do any kind of outdoor sports. You can go hiking, trekking, skiing, rafting, or canyoning. You can also simply observe the beautiful surroundings.

    As a local who has visited many countries around the world, I must say that I totally agree. The beauty of Slovenia lies in its small size and impeccable diversity which leaves no soul untouched and it makes you want to revisit it soon. It is clean, cozy, small, and easy to get around.

    With a unique mix of diverse cuisine and an interesting tray of natural beauty, it surely stands out. People are nice, the weather is pretty good and you feel safe.

    Life runs at a slower pace and people enjoy their cup of coffee.

    This is a quick impression from travelers who have traveled to Slovenia. It would not be an exaggeration to say I actually haven’t met a traveler who wouldn’t love Slovenia. And I met quite a lot of them.

    And to conclude in a way I never think I would, as a passionate lover of other cultures and an enthusiastic discoverer of the unknown. I now finally believe those people who say: “It is only when you leave your home country, that you begin to see and appreciate its beauty. It’s a cliché, but it’s true.

    Skiing in Slovenia
    Photo by A. Fevzer, Source: www.slovenia.info

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      1. 🙂 greetings to you too Gustavo! The beauty of the city speaks for itself, with every happy visitor – I hope. Will mention Ljubljana in the future many times, I am sure. How are things with you?

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