Back to Nature – Travel to Northwestern Slovenia

My favorite part of Slovenia, besides the lovely Ljubljana of course, is the northwest of the country.

It’s where the magnificent Alps meet the beautiful Soca river, which shapes a picturesque gorge and slowly carves its way to the seaside.

A land so beautiful that they filmed parts of Narnia here, so breath-taking is the scenery here.

Soca valley is a perfect place for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts, but it was also a place of some of the fiercest fighting of World War One with over a million casualties. Today many monuments stand there to tell the story of its harsh history. For visitors and locals to take time to reflect.

Bled Slovenia
Lake Bled in wintertime, Photo: David Bole

One of the reasons why this is my favorite part is that it sets me at ease. I find peace and quiet there and refill my batteries.

Needless to say, going back to nature is the best medicine there is!

And all these places are only a short drive away from Ljubljana. Which makes it easy to change your scenery in one hour from a city-one to a nature-one.

Everyone needs to disconnect from modern technology from time to time and reconnect with nature. And before I forget to mention, there are two must-see lakes in this part of Slovenia:

  • Lake Bled (one of the most famous lakes in the world)
  • Lake Bohinj, a more peaceful and unspoiled one (my favorite lake in the world)
lake Bohinj
Lake Bohinj, Photo courtesy by STO Slovenia

Enough said. I invite you to check out this video. It is from the STA World Travel Internship 2011 competition, whose winners won a trip around the world and wrote a blog about it.

I’ve never seen such clear blue water in my entire life. I couldn’t stop looking at it!”, explains Brigette.

Their impression about northwest Slovenia and the fun they had on their discovery makes one wanting to jump there right away!

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