Travel to Ljubljana in Autumn

    Traveling to Ljubljana in autumn is such a good time of the year. The leaves are slowly falling down, covering pavements and creating a soft surface to walk on. Why no one ever thinks like that when coming to terms with autumn?

    Everyone just thinks:

    Oh, it’s autumn again, I’m gonna get wet if it suddenly starts to rain. The wind will start blowing and the trees will lose their leaves and the day will end sooner. And I don’t know what exactly to wear, because in the morning it’s cold but during the day it gets so warm.

    So many problems. 😀

    Lazy cat
    Photo: M. G.

    Autumn is so Beautiful

    On the contrary, I see autumn as the best season there is. I love those fallen leaves on the streets – yellow, green, brown, red, orange, or colorful. It is much more interesting to walk around being surrounded by colors of nature.

    Autumn makes me feel warm and fuzzy, as the leaves are being swept away with every light wind there is. I love the autumn breeze and the warm sun. I love that there’s no summer heat, which makes it so hard to breathe or do anything at all. Nobody sweats in autumn!

    The powerful green nature is taking a rest, but gosh, does she say goodbye in style! With fireworks! No time of the year has colors changing as fast as autumn does. I think of it as nature putting up a show for people to watch and enjoy –  oh, what a graceful way to say goodbye.

    And let’s not forget, there are many chestnut baking stands! Who doesn’t love that? I don’t know for you, but I just love autumn.

    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Photo: M. G.

    A Poem for Some Inspiration in Autumn

    This time of the year also puts me into a poetic mood. A poem from a famous Slovenian poet, who sadly passed away this year, came to my mind today:

    Tone Pavček: When you walk, always walk to the end 

    When you walk, always go to the end,
    in spring to beautiful flowers,
    in summer to mature wheat,
    in autumn to full shelf,
    in winter to the Snow Queen,
    in the book to the last line,
    in life to the real truth,
    inside yourself to blushing from one to the other side.
    But if you don't come for the first time nor the second time,
    to deck and real,
    try again and again and again.

    It’s just the best season there is, that’s a fact.

    Photo: M. G.

    Things To Do During Autumn Evenings in Ljubljana

    Here are cool tips for today’s evening and night-time:

    Swing dancing at Kavarna Union, a stylish setting of an old hotel, where swing music from the early ages of the 20th century will take you back in time. Have a dance or two or just enjoy the music and lovely company of swing dancers.

    Jam sessions in hostel Celica. Andrej Boštjančič, songwriter, will take you for a musical ride. Rock ‘n roll baby!

    Just to name a few. There is so much more going on in Ljubljana – check out this page.

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