Nude Painting Class in Ljubljana Town Center

    Ah, sometimes Ljubljana is wacky and I love it.

    There was an open-air workshop of painting in the middle of the city center and the object was a young woman – naked. The project of Zmago Modic art school was to teach this method live every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from July to mid-September. If you were in the city center between 18:00 and 20:00, you could see artists at work.

    Hooray for an open mindset. These things make a city even more relaxed and enjoyable.

    I got these photos from a very nice Japanese traveler, Kohei. He is probably still out there, traveling and enjoying his beer and wine tasting expedition. 🙂 Hello, Kohei!

    Dear Ljubljana, I hope there will be many more funky and cute things like this organised in the future.

    Naked painitng in the city centre
    Photo: Kohei Domo Matsuzawa
    Ljubljana city centre
    Photo: Kohei Domo Matsuzawa
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Photo: Kohei Domo Matsuzawa

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    0 thoughts on “Nude Painting Class in Ljubljana Town Center”

    1. I loved this crazy idea. There was the same with a courageous guy on Kongresni Trg. With a slovene friend, we sat half an hour on bench next it to watch funny/akward reactions of passers-buy when they were discovering that the guy was naked. I love Ljubljana too and I run a french wordpress blog about it We should definitely meet to talk !

      1. Oh really, when was that? I wish I’d knew about that too! 🙂 Wow, I like your blog very much. For how long are you in Slovenia? Yes, we should definitely meet soon!

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