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Ljubljana Makes You Smile

    Sometimes I think of the times or moments when I am really incredibly happy. And something that never lets me down at making me happy is traveling. Putting down the map and getting lost in the streets. A wonderful feeling of freedom – and the sweet discovery of the unknown. That is pure love.

    barefoot travellers
    Photo: M. G.

    The feeling of walking carelessly barefoot like the traveler in the photo must be just perfect for a lazy summer travel day. Walking after them and noticing he’s barefoot made me smile, showing all my teeth.

    Robert was totally broke just three years ago. Today he’s traveling as often as he wants – all on a low budget. His page Leave Your Daily Hell offers plenty of advice on how to experience great things and not spending much money on them. He transformed his life in such a beautiful way, that we could all learn a lesson from him. Ah, the inspiring people.

    “See for me, Ljubljana’s true allure is that you don’t even need to arrive in its well-hidden historical centre to have a smile brought to your face.

    The most conspicuously charming aspect of Ljubljana is its bike culture. Now, urban bicycling is far from rare in Europe, but what’s incredible about Ljubljana is the sheer quantity of bikes. It’s got at least as many as Amsterdam, even though it’s much smaller.

    And make no mistake: Ljubljana is pretty. After I realized I wouldn’t be able to sleep away what turned out to be a beautiful, sunny evening, I headed into central Ljubljana and was pretty immediately in awe.”

    Check out his full article about his time spent in Ljubljana. It’s very catchy!

    I think traveling is good for your soul. What is your first thought when you think about traveling?

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