Ljubljana is a Magical Fairytale Town

    Because I sometimes think of Ljubljana as just another city to live in, I find much joy in hearing what other people think of it. And oftentimes you need to be reminded of the things that are right in front of you. And of course, there is always room for warm-hearted words. 🙂

    I found a blogger who also thinks Slovenia is a fairytale! According to her, Slovenia’s landscape is what bedtime stories are made of.

    “One of the most forested countries in Europe and the only one to have a native population of bears, Slovenia has a wildness that outshines the rest of the continent.

    And, beyond the mountains and the deep dark woods, there is the magical city … think meandering lanes, art nouveau architecture, a gentle pace, and extensive parkland that’s perfect for picnics. Plus, there’s a small-town feel and friendly local attitude to go with it.

    For those who are looking for charm, natural beauty, and magic, though, Slovenia could easily become their favorite European destination.”

    Ljubljana old town centre
    Photo: M. G.

    Sophie McGovern is a travel writer, music maker, and yarn spinner, currently living on a house-boat near Bath. Her travels have taken her throughout South America, North Africa, and all over Europe; next stop, Thailand. Sophie’s favorite travel experiences have been hiking through Parque Tayrona in Colombia, sleeping in the Sahara under the stars, and spending New Year’s Eve on Easter Island.

    Again, the inspiring people!

    You can read the whole article here. Many pretty words in harsh times of today’s economic situation indeed are a balm for the soul.

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