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Graffiti in Ljubljana

    One thing is very typical for Ljubljana: it’s full of graffiti of any kind.

    There are love graffiti. Political graffiti. Sad graffiti. Happy graffiti. Funny graffiti. Stupid graffiti. You can find whatever kind of graffiti you want, even I’m sorry graffiti.

    Some of them really make me laugh in the middle of the street and I probably look a bit weird at that moment. I guess there are many artistic souls wanting to express themselves and what’s easier than drawing and writing on city buildings!

    If you put aside the fact, that graffitis are giving building owners a hard time, street art is important for the urban environment and culture. It also reflects society’s state of mind.

    Once I encountered graffiti spreading on 200 meters of pavement leading towards the railway station. It was a loving farewell. A story of a man that loved the girl till the end of the world, but she didn’t treat him the way he deserved. So now it’s time to say goodbye – sadly but necessary.

    Written with powerful pink color it made you walk very fast because you were all the time wondering what will the next word be. 🙂 How will the sentences fall in line and reveal the rest of the story?

    It maybe sounds random, but this one sure did make my walking time much more interesting! And that’s exactly what I love about graffiti – they tell a story and give your random walk a bit of food for thought. At least the ones that have a meaning. So here’s to graffiti!

    I found a funny graffiti near Ljubljana Castle, where the artist wittily took advantage of the building’s windows. Smoke and patch fellow!

    grafiti ljubljana

    Ljubljana pride

    love grafitti

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