Blogger Earl Falls in Love with Ljubljana

    I don’t want to be all gold and shiny and writing only from my point of view. So I went searching the web for someone else’s opinion about Ljubljana, their experience, and their impression.

    Travel bloggers inspire me with their bravery, warm heart, and open-mindedness. That’s why I spend a lot of my time reading their blogs, which mostly leaves me daydreaming. Those travel junkies are the most spontaneous, fun, and inspiring people:

    »Ahh…Ljubljana. I’ve only been gone for three days now but I miss you more than you know. Never before in all my travels have I been welcomed so enthusiastically into strange streets, protected from the cold with such warmth and hospitality, and treated as such a good friend despite having never met before. It’s no wonder that I found it so difficult to leave you, to say that final farewell, and to pack my bag and move on.«

    So here is a post about Ljubljana and Earl, a man who fell in love with her.

    Here’s to finding many loves in life!

    Cafes by the river
    Photo: D. Wedam

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