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Moving Abroad Changed Me For the Better

    Moving abroad at the age of 24 changed me for the better.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one whose mindset and approach to life have changed because they moved abroad. It’s natural to grow when thrown into new and challenging situations.

    And moving abroad definitely is full of obstacles and challenges. It shakes you to the core and forces you to reinvent yourself.

    But not many decide to move abroad. It sounds daunting and not something many even consider. Why do we fear new things? The unknown and unfamiliar?

    Why do we stay away from trying new things, going to new places, and learning new skills? Is it just so that we can avoid having to step out of our comfort zone? Are we afraid of failing? Or facing judgments from others?

    Stepping into the unknown is one of the hardest things, but is supposed to be the best experience. 

    So here is me hoping for many new beginnings, discoveries, and adventures yet to come!

    moving abroad changed me

    Relocating Was Full of Challenges and Growth

    Despite being quite adventurous in my late teens and early twenties, I have not yet done something as radical as I have the year when I moved abroad.

    I changed everything.

    Moved to a new country, got a new job (first proper one!) and moved into a new flat with flatmates I didn’t know. The city was new to me, so was the transport system, the language was familiar although definitely, it feels much different than using your mother tongue. To name a few.

    But most of all, I changed my approach to life.

    Some people would ask me whether it was really necessary to make so many changes?

    Despite the occasional doubts and hardships, these changes seemed so natural and easy to do. Maybe I felt this way because of my determination and trust that everything will be okay. I kind of went with the flow.

    I decided that things will work out. And so far so good.

    After a year of quite chaotic situations, many bureaucratic procedures, different emotions, and a quite hectic search for a flat, I am where I am supposed to be. I do not think of myself being bold at all – even though everybody drops their jaw when I tell them what my year has been like. Moving abroad forces you to grow incredibly fast.

    Resilience and Flexibility When Moving Abroad

    What this year has shown me is that I do have the flexibility, resilience, and faith in order to do and push through all of these changes.

    I admit, sometimes it was very challenging. There were moments when I thought why on earth am I doing all of this? It would have been much easier to stay in the same old. In the so-well-known and cozy.

    But where would the magic be without challenges? One of many things I discovered about myself this year was that I do love challenges. I find it exciting that I have to constantly adapt to new situations.

    Another revelation is that resilience is what makes all the difference. And learning to be resilient is all about practice. Doing things that are challenging or new will help you become resilient fast. Along the way, you learn about yourself, others and gain new skills.

    Another new thing that I recently started is writing. Simply because I like doing it and it is challenging. It gives me freedom and hope. Sometimes it makes me question the world, things, and myself.

    Go ahead and be bold. In return your boldness can inspire you.

    If I draw the line after this year, it was amazing. So many laughs, joys, awesome people, travels, new experiences, and things I did for the first time. The first times are such a blessing.

    Gratitude is a powerful feeling that I try to practice on a daily basis. While living abroad I also embarked on a one-year project of practicing gratitude that ended up changing my life.

    I am grateful for moving abroad and learning so much.

    gratitude journal

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