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Allowing Time for Growth and Curiosity

We all strive for happiness and so I thought of how happiness means doing what you love. Being true to yourself and finding joy in how you spend your days. It sounds simple, however, not many of us can honestly say we enjoy our jobs and our free time.

Finding Joy in What You Do

I sure am one of those people who followed a conventional path of climbing the career ladder. Only to find that it doesn’t bring me joy. However, some people follow their gut and find what they love. Despite hardships and obstacles on the way, they pursue it relentlessly. They are driven by passion and determination.

Is what you are doing bringing you joy? Are you taking risks? Are you following your gut, even though it might not seem reasonable at the time being?

Go for it.

Do that dancing course you have always wanted. Start studying the topic that you’ve always had an interest in. Become a volunteer for something you believe in. Visit that country that has been on your list for a long time. Join a band. Start training for a marathon. 

Choose the uncomfortable.

Don’t settle for something mediocre just because you fear the unknown. Keep looking for that rush and satisfying feeling. Because you can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backward.

Sometimes life will present you with obstacles and unexpected turns – but actually, those might be a turning point when you discover what you really love. Life is so clever sometimes. Have faith and trust in life.

And most importantly: Learn from it all. Every situation and every new endeavour offers great lessons for you.

do what you love

We Never Stop Learning

Learning is something we never stop doing, it just naturally happens. Besides our formal education, we are constantly learning elsewhere – through our hobbies, relationships, housework, traveling, meeting people, reading, and trying out new things.

When we enter the world of work we learn on the job and from other people. Through the years we evolve and change. We receive and give back. We also teach others and learn from them in return.

Learning is a continuous process that changes lives and makes a difference in the world.

Learning is fuelled by curiosity and curiosity is embedded in every child. Remember the first time you saw a rainbow? It was probably a magical experience and you were naturally intrigued to know how a rainbow forms itself. 

So stay curious – discover, search, read, listen, watch, discuss, feel & evolve.

Especially at these times where there are so many possibilities out there, with the internet and technology bringing learning to your home and at almost no cost.

lifelong learning

Allowing Time For Growth

Success and growth don’t happen overnight. I haven’t always allowed time for growth, because I am very impatient and can’t wait to see the results or use my learning in practice.

If you expect growth to happen quickly then you can stay stuck on the same level of understanding and spin in the same circles over and over again. This happened to me where life situations repeated themselves and I always wondered why.

I had to learn to observe my feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Slowly I started recognizing patterns and I made conscious changes (or at least I failed trying!).

One of the reasons that I try to learn every day is also because I get quickly bored with doing the same things. So it hasn’t been difficult to find the motivation 🙂

self growth

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4 thoughts on “Allowing Time for Growth and Curiosity”

    1. True – we all should find some time for that. But in the midst of everyday life this is hard to do. I believe schools should focus on that much more, because young people have more time and opportunities to discover their passion.

  1. Yes! Teaching young people how to find and pursue what they feel passionate about, and teaching them how to make decisions, how to act in an ethical way and with integrity, how to connect with people and build relationships. This is what we all lack. This is what they should be teaching, not only facts and figures..

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