A Year of Gratitude


Downloadable eBook, 100 pages

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I embarked on a one-year project of practicing gratitude every day. I wanted to re-evaluate and change my mindset and see what happens.

Despite my positive outlook, I have had periods in my life where I went into a darker place, where all I could see were obstacles and problems. In those periods I lost touch with my inner ‘happy go lucky’ persona, and I became overwhelmed. I couldn’t find a way out and back to my true self. It was debilitating. Not only was my mood very low, but being in a dark place also prevented me from chasing my dreams and following my inner voice.

And so I embarked on a year-long journey of practicing gratitude, every single day.

To document my process I wrote down some of my thoughts so that I could always go back and remember. My daily practice slowly changed my attitude and I became more at peace. It was liberating and this experience will stay for me forever.

A Year of Gratitude is a collection of thoughts from my one year experiment.

This simple act changed my life and is now leading me onto new adventures. I hope it helps inspire others to do the same.