Living for Yourself and Not for Others

    Is it really important to impress other people? No, it doesn’t mean anything. That is not why I am on this world for. And frankly, it’s very boring to live for others.

    How I Realized I Was Living for Others

    The other day, while visiting the gym,  I saw a quote from Mark Twain: The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. 

    As a child I was very much in my own world and doing whatever felt right, never worried what other people might think of it. Then as I grew older, the feelings of being super conscious of society and its expectations. The opinion of others suddenly mattered. This became too much very quickly and I lost touch with a very important part of myself. I used to be very expressive and creative, but then I retreated and started hiding that part of me.

    While I regret that this has happened, I accept it as a normal part of life. I know that there are many others out there who experienced the same and I wish we all had some strong guidance and support to not let be consumed by society and its rules.

    Only now that I’m older (and wiser 🙂 ) I’m slowly searching my way back. I’m scraping away layers that I put on over the years and it’s painful.

    But my desire to uncover my true self is stronger. It’s funny how things turn around, how much we change with the years. I do believe that if you take time and closely listen to your inner voice, you’ll know what your calling is.

    Will I be successful? Not sure. But it’s not about success. It’s about finding that spark again. Getting into the creative mode and just enjoy the process.

    So go out. Find your thing. And do it for yourself, not for others. You matter.

    do what you love

    Stand Tall and Proud

    It’s easy to be beaten down by the constant bombarding from media and big corporations. They are constantly telling us how to live our lives, which products we need to buy, and what activities we should be doing to be cool.

    Standing tall and proud in doing what you love, no matter the current trends and expectations is something we seem to forget too easily. But it makes all the difference.

    Going out on a limb for something or someone feels too risky and somehow, in this individualistically driven society, it has become uncool. But oh what rewards it can give – from your own satisfaction, peace of mind, and happiness to other people’s gratitude and respect.

    Remembering my roots and heritage will always stay with me, it’s woven into the core of who I am. It has a very powerful effect on me. I will always remember the values and the positive outlook that my parents and grandparents taught me. My upbringing defined the way I understand and see the world.

    As I see so many beautiful faces hidden behind make-up or shiny accessories, buying the next flashy car, I become aware of what burden society puts on all of us.

    Buy this product and you will be happy.

    Everyone is trying to convince us that being natural is not enough. Nevertheless, our natural beauty is something unique to every person and we should proudly be walking around being our lovely natural selves and let our inner happiness light up our face.

    Spoil Yourself Every Now and Then

    I can get carried away when fulfilling the many roles in my life. So I made a commitment to spoil myself every now and then.

    There is no rule of how and when, but it is important that I give myself a little bit of pampering to reset my day. This is usually a very simple thing like filling my home with essential oils, a warm bath, some music, or a good book.

    I bought myself flowers the other day and now they look amazing on my bedside table. They also seem to last quite long and look pretty and brighten up my room.

    Spoiling yourself can be done in a simple way, but it’s so important.

    I recently discussed with my flatmate how important it is to give something to yourself no matter how small it is. Maybe a chocolate bar, a walk in the park, or a nice chat with your loved one. He said he’d just treated himself with a much-needed shoulder massage and a big scented candle for his room. Way to go!

    How do you spoil yourself?


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