Cycles of Life and Why Nature is the Best Therapy

    Nature has always been there for me, it was always around me. I grew up surrounded by meadows, forests, and mountains. Our family spent a lot of our time outdoors, and if not in and around our hometown, then we would make trips to the lakes, waterfalls, seaside, and hiking up the many hills and mountains.

    I loved being in nature without realising it. I guess everyone does it because being connected to nature is a big part of our culture.

    I Wanted to Try City Living

    But despite being surrounded by beautiful scenery I wanted to try city life. I always thought that when I’m older and independent I will live in a big city. Little did I know that the love for nature was ingrained in the very core of who I am and that such love does not go away easily.

    Fast forward to my early twenties when I moved to Istanbul, a proper big city. And as magical as my time there was – I did crave that special peaceful feeling that nature instantly provides.

    Then there was some time spent living and working in Brussels, which was a smaller city but nevertheless I lived in the very city centre and was surrounded by people and tourists rushing around all the time.

    The next stop was London with its big city skyscrapers and funky Camden houses. There were crowds of people and tourists everywhere, mostly rushing around. This too was a great and unforgettable experience.

    Don’t get me wrong – I loved these cities.

    Eventually, I felt that something was missing. I often found myself going to the large city parks for the whole day and it felt like coming home. I craved for a more quiet and simple life.


    Moving Back to the Countryside

    And so I listened to my inner voice – I slowly moved away from London to a smaller town in the UK. It was easier to breathe (both figuratively and literally!), and there was less crowds.

    I think the ideal scenario would be to live next to a forest and a mountain but at the same time 10 min drive from a lively town with lots of cultural events. I’m not being too demanding, am I?

    This sounds a bit ironic because that’s exactly how I grew up – in a small Slovenian town, surrounded by forests and mountains, but still only a 10 min drive from a big town.

    And I always complained about it as a teenager. Life is funny. Sometimes the answer to what you need and who you are has always been in front of you.

    Nature brings love.

    My Hometown in Slovenia

    Nature is the Best Therapy

    It keeps me hopeful and grounded. With its calming effect and open arms, nature is always there for me. The green leaves dancing in the wind and the birds singing their songs – it’s hypnotic. You can only have so many words to describe this kind of relaxation.

    You need to feel it. Like a poem revealing itself to the poet – this is how nature feels to me.

    I have so much respect and appreciation for nature. The way it gives to us, every day, unconditionally.

    Thank you.

    People think I’m joking when I say that one day I will move to a cabin in the mountains, next to a lake, and just enjoy the great life outdoors.

    Maybe I will move back to Slovenia and enjoy its beautiful landscapes?

    You never know where life takes you… you never know.

    This is an excerpt from my book A Year of Gratitude. If you would like to read more about my one-year project on practicing gratitude you can find the full version on the link above.

    Zgornje Jezersko Slovenia
    Jezersko, Slovenia
    Kranjska Gora Slovenia
    Tamar, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

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