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Why I Need Plants in My Home

    I really appreciate having plants in my home.  

    My memories of plants go way back into my childhood. One very dull winter day when I was a teenager, I was rummaging through the bookshelves being bored out of my mind. I found a book about gardening. I decided there and then, without much prior experience, to turn that day into a gardening day!

    Very conveniently my parents were away that afternoon and I went to our garden hut to get a big pack of soil and empty pots and dragged everything to our living room. The next step was to find suitable plants to reproduce so I went through all our plants in the house to collect cuttings of existing plants. Easy.

    I was so into the whole gardening idea that in a very short time I had planted more than 15 plants! Our living room looked like a mess but I was very happy with the result. Not sure who did the hoovering after.

    My passion for plants started at that time and I realized that luckily I have green fingers. Some months after my little experiment our house was filled with plants, all looking good. Success! Some of those plants are still going strong and it’s been more than a decade.

    There are so many reasons to have plants in your house:

    • they produce oxygen
    • their colours have a calming effect
    • they look pretty
    • the house feels more like a home

    So simple – grateful for my lovely plants!

    I am very passionate about sustainability and nature, therefore I encourage everyone to take steps, no matter how big or small, towards leading a more sustainable life.

    This is an excerpt from my book A Year of Gratitude. If you would like to read more about my one-year project on practicing gratitude you can find the full version on the link above.

    plants in your home

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