Buy Less – and Spend More Time Living

    Ever since my nomad-like life began when I went to University 10 years ago (gosh I am getting old), I started to realize how much simpler and more enjoyable life is when you have less stuff.

    Downsizing When Moving Abroad

    Moving to a different apartment or country almost every year forced me to downsize my essentials. There was no room for knickknacks, useless dust-collecting memorabilia, or too many clothes.

    The first real challenge happened when I decided to permanently move to the UK. This was me packing my life into one big suitcase and one big rucksack. That was it. And it felt so good.

    So ever since my big move, I tried not to buy too many things as I knew that I might not stay very long. Once I finally decided to settle down after all these years I was relieved – I managed not to accumulate too many things that would start pilling-up in all the corners of my new home.

    How I Became a Minimalist

    My journey towards minimalism started once I began to learn more about myself. I realized how good I feel by owning less. Minimalism is the right way to go for me, it makes me feel relaxed.

    My home is equipped to be cozy but is not overwhelming. It feels good to be at home. And that’s what it should be. Getting rid of clutter can be life-changing but equally, you have to think twice before buying new things. Otherwise, you spin in endless circles of buying and removing stuff. And nobody wants that.

    I am actively trying to avoid the traps of consumerism and advertising we’re bombarded with every day. The companies are relentless in trying to get us to think we need all those products. It’s just a temporary elation. It’s too much. It brings you down. Some people suffocate in all the stuff they have.

    What is most enjoyable with the minimalist approach is that owning less stuff gives you more time to do other things. No need to spend hours and days cleaning and sorting. More time for experiences and your people! Time for yourself. Just enjoying simple things in life.

    For that I am grateful.

    So today is the famous Black Friday and I’m not buying anything. Come join me!

    This is an excerpt from my book A Year of Gratitude. If you would like to read more about my one-year project on practicing gratitude you can find the full version on the link above.

    For more on living a more simple life, closer to nature, you can visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel Nature with Marusa

    I am very passionate about sustainability and nature, therefore I encourage everyone to take steps, no matter how big or small, towards leading a more sustainable life.


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