Baking Bread (Sourdough)

    Since we moved to our new home a year ago we started a new habit of baking bread. It’s quite a delicious habit.

    I admit that I came up with the idea but it’s Ian who does all the magic. He is the master bread baker in our house. And we absolutely love eating fresh-baked bread, straight out of the oven. The bread is still warm and soft inside, and the crust is crunchy.

    We decided it was time to ditch the supermarket bought bread that was too plain, too oily, of not enough variety, only made with white flour, or had no seeds. There was just no joy in eating the bread from the supermarket. We slowly discovered where we can buy organic flour – either rye, spelt, or buckwheat, and started experimenting.

    Not only is it awesome to eat warm, freshly baked bread, but also the smell that fills our home every time is wonderful.

    And on top of it all, baking your own bread is eco-friendly as it helps reduce the mass-produced bread that is packaged and transported from far away. It also uses fewer ingredients and is a more healthy option.

    So grateful for this.

    I am very passionate about sustainability and nature, therefore I encourage everyone to take steps, no matter how big or small, towards leading a more sustainable life.

    This is an excerpt from my book A Year of Gratitude. If you would like to read more about my one-year project on practicing gratitude you can find the full version on the link above.

    bake your own bread

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