Why Connecting with Others Brings Joy

    I wondered the other day how life can be funny sometimes. So many different and amazing people have crossed my path and somehow gave me a part of themselves. And I gave them a part of me. Maybe just a smile, an encouraging word, or an insight into the wisdom of life. Even the smallest thing such as a nod could have a big effect.

    Today I am grateful for all those people.

    With some, we cried together and shared our worst moments, our biggest fears. Together we found comfort in our little space created between us. And with others, we experienced the highest moments of happiness, joy, and fulfillment.  

    The truth is – everybody carries some kind of message – you only have to listen carefully.  

    To my family, my grandparents, relatives, and friends – thank you. To all strangers who approached me and shared a brief moment with me – thank you. I have learned a lot. I have felt a lot.  

    This is what life is about – our connection with others, the moments we share with other people, and the love we give.  

    And suddenly I thought of one person I met in Turkey, he is such an amazing man. He helped me overcome a very difficult situation – when there was almost no solution in sight and everything seemed bleak. When I thought of going back home already in my first week there.   In the midst of all that fear he came up to me and he said: Don’t worry, I will help you. We will sort this out. Everything will be alright.  

    Those words seemed so easy to say, but when I saw a real motivation and determination behind them, I immediately felt relieved. He had no secret agenda or any other benefit from helping me out – that was simply his gift to me. Because he has a big joyful heart and he is simply generous.  

    Without him, I would have never experienced those magical months in Istanbul.  

    We remained good friends throughout my entire time in Turkey and I still remember his contagious laughter. He once told me he wishes very deeply to find a person he would connect with.

    While spending time with him and his friends I soon spotted a special spark between him and his friend – but at that time she was in a relationship with someone else. I cautiously asked my friend if there are some feelings of affection there and he confirmed. My gut feeling was right. 🙂 I was hoping they would one day find a way to be together.  

    Time passed and later I found out the amazing news that they indeed reached out to each other and…are happy together! I am very happy for him. This confirms that good things do happen to good people.  

    So connect with people, share your story, ask for help. Things can only get better.  

    Somehow your gut will tell you, who is your kind of person and who is not. Stay close to your people and there will be an abundance of love and joy.

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