The Amazing Benefits of Meditation

    Have you tried meditating?

    I was very skeptical at the beginning knowing the difficulty I experience whenever I try to make my mind still.

    The modern world is full of constant learning, thinking, doing, and hurrying to the next thing. Being raised in a world that never stops moving it feels almost impossible for me to switch off.

    The lives we created are hurried and pressured. There is no place or time to slow down, take a breath, or even a break. Because you could appear weak.

    Ironically the most powerful minds are the ones who have the ability to be still whenever they choose to. And are completely happy being still. That is where the true greatness lies.

    What are the Benefits of Meditation

    There are many benefits of a regular meditation practice, and most of them are backed by science. What are they?

    1. Reducing Stress
    2. Controlling Anxiety
    3. Promoting Emotional Health
    4. Enhancing Self-Awareness
    5. Lengthening your attention span
    6. Possibly reducing age-related memory loss
    7. Increasing positive feelings and actions toward yourself and others
    8. Helps to fight addictions
    9. Improving sleep
    10. Helps to control pain

    There are probably even more benefits of meditation that come with regular practice. Meditation is accessible to everyone and you can do it anywhere, no special equipment is required.

    benefits of meditation

    My Journey to Meditation

    After slowly running out of excuses and admitting fear is for wimps, I followed my inner desire and determination for what felt the right thing to do. I signed up for a meditation class.

    Sitting in a meditation class of 6 people with an incredibly reassuring teacher only confirmed what I knew was the thing I lacked most in my life. The ability to meditate, anywhere and anytime, to become still.

    How we live our life depends solely on us and we hold the power to make the decisions that create our present. And because life is quite short so you might as well do what your heart desires.

    I learned that it is hard to meditate, very hard. Being programmed to be super-productive and constantly multitask we do not have the knowledge and skill to make ourselves “think of nothing” anymore.

    And we suddenly struggle to switch off.

    Remember the times when as a child you could play for hours? Thinking of nothing and only enjoying the present moment. Those were some awesome times!

    During the class I managed to get a hold of that feeling of being, maybe for a brief moment or for 5 minutes…

    But once you get a taste of it you become addicted.

    Taking a Meditation Class

    Why did I take a meditation class and not just read something and try doing it myself?

    I wanted to get a proper first introduction consisting of practice combined with a thorough explanation from an expert.  Someone who has been practicing himself and can explain things in a simple way. Christmas holidays seemed the perfect time to get away from all the hurdles and rush.

    I was initially there to satisfy my curiosity but it ended up being so much more – finding myself absolutely hooked on this amazing practice of mind. This could not have been a better gift.

    What strikes me most is that the essence of meditation is always the same – all of our power to reach peace of mind lies within us – we just need to slow down and find it. That moment of stillness where everything is okay. Being present in that moment. No past or future. Simply Being.

    How did you embark on the journey of meditating? What is the best way for you to do it?

    Do tell, I am curious. 🙂

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