Accepting Change Improved My Life

    On my first day at University, one lecturer told us: Change is the only constant.

    And that simple sentence always stayed with me, and while I was reflecting back on my experiences and adventures I realized how much power change has. It is the obvious, yet somehow not very widely accepted fact.

    Lots of people fear change because change can be scary. It forces you to adapt, alter your ways and look at the world from a different angle.

    But change also fuels creativity. It makes you grow. By scooping you out of your comfort zone, your bubble of well-known, you have to face the person you are. Your routine is disrupted and this can shift your life entirely.

    How I Learnt to Embrace Change

    I have moved countries, cities, and several flats. I’ve had to switch languages, sometimes I haven’t had the slightest idea about the local language and all I could use were gestures.

    Getting lost in the streets in a city of twenty-million people, taking the wrong train and ending up in the middle of nowhere, didn’t deter me, it actually motivated me. Because I had no other choice but to find solutions in difficult and unusual situations.

    When I wanted adventures I took-up internships abroad. This always involved some risks, but I followed my gut. Sometimes I fell and needed guidance. I made mistakes. I learned on the way.

    Some people think of it as hard work, but I rather think of it as an invaluable experience.

    What Change Gives You in Return

    Embracing change makes you grow really fast. You gain invaluable skills and get thick skin that you otherwise might never develop. Change is the most effective teacher.

    And most importantly change forces you to get to know yourself in depth. You can see just how strong you are.

    The best approach to anything in life and life itself is to accept change. Simply embrace it and go with it. See where it takes you. Your attitude is everything.

    And what’s not to love when a change can mean a new city, a new friend, a new baby, a new job, a new boss, or a new habit.

    New food, a new plan, a new adventure, a new neighbor, a new team, or a new skill.

    Embracing change will change your life for the better.


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