Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

This week’s photo challenge is BIG.

It’s larger than life, it’s unexpected, it’s the protagonist in a scene. It’s big. It often helps to have some normal objects as part of the scene so people can understand the scale.

When I think of the big in Ljubljana, I think of Christmas and New Year’s time, when they put up a big Christmas tree on the main square – so big that you sometimes don’t even notice it.

I took this photo two years ago when I purposely went walking in the old city center after 2 o’clock in the morning because there were only a few people still out on the streets. I wanted to enjoy a little quiet time observing beautiful Christmas decorations without the crowds. It was fun and this is a nice memory.

Now I suddenly got into the Christmas spirit! Far too early though. 🙂

Ljubljana Christmas tree
Photo: M. G.

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